Everyday is a Feast with The Artisan Kitchen

Everyday is a Feast with The Artisan Kitchen

The Artisan Kitchen has been steadily releasing one must-try food brand after another. Featuring high quality meats, easy-to-cook global cuisines, and even local bread and pastry favorites from all over the Philippines, it’s easy to find something for everyone to enjoy. 


Premium quality meats in flavor packed gourmet sausages–this is what El Mejor is all about. The Hungarian sausages delight everyone with a smoky bite and just the right hint of spice. On the other hand, the Cheesy Hungarian surprises with a generous amount of sharp cheddar cheese. Just by looking at the cross-section when you slice or take a bite off a piece, you can clearly see the juices oozing out from the meat. Their signature balance of sweet and salty taste is something Filipinos will surely love. Currently, El Mejor sausages are available in different sizes and price points: ₱110 for 200g, ₱275 for 500g, and ₱480 for 1kg. 

 El Mejor sausages are perfect to enjoy on their own, sandwiched in warm freshly-baked breads, or paired with steamy rice. They will also be great when used in pasta sauces or as pizza toppings. With El Mejor, you can treat yourself to premium meats any day. 


The Luncheon Meat is a household staple and one of the simplest dishes to prepare at home and enjoy with rice or bread. El Mejor currently offers two variants: Pork Luncheon Meat and Chicken Luncheon Meat. Both of them make use of gourmet meats to level up this classic dish for everyone’s premium indulgence. Because of this, the overall flavor and quality are evidently better than most luncheon meats available in the market. Both have slices that are firm, chewy, and really meaty. They also have the right amount of saltiness so you can still enjoy the flavorful notes of pork and chicken. 

El Mejor combines the simplicity of luncheon meats with the premiumness of high quality meats, With the Pork Luncheon Meat priced as low as ₱60 and the Chicken Luncheon Meat priced at ₱48, these could be one of the best deals you can get to level up your meals. 



Many people would love to travel to Japan just to indulge in some legit ramen. Unfortunately, they can’t (or prefer not to) due to the pandemic. If you’re one of those people, we have some good news for you! The Artisan Kitchen’s Andale! now lets you enjoy authentic Japanese ramen from the comfort of your own home. If you’re familiar with how ramen is made in Japan, just the broth alone requires a minimum of 6 to 12 hours to make. Andale! easy-to-cook ramen kits allow you to enjoy them within 5 minutes! Currently available in Tantanmen and Kinoko Sesame flavors, each kit also includes real slices of chashu, freshly-made noodles, vegetables, and a rich and flavorful broth that is comparable to the ones served in authentic Japanese restaurants. The best part is, you won’t need to pay a very steep price to indulge in either flavors since they are sold for only ₱375. 

Ramen lovers will truly have their cravings satisfied with Andale! Tantanmen and Kinoko Sesame Ramen Kits. Since they come in easy-to-cook packs, anybody can easily throw a Japanese-themed party and maybe even convince their guests that a Japanese chef cooked their meals!  



Any Japanese-themed feast isn’t complete without some fresh and meaty Gyoza, a Japanese pan-fried dumpling that is as ubiquitous as ramen in Japan. Unfortunately, it’s not as common here in the Philippines. It’s a good thing that Andale! now offers authentic Japanese Gyoza in easy-to-cook packs for a steal at only ₱250. Each dumpling is meaty and juicy on the inside, crispy and golden brown on the outside. They are also really easy to prepare: just add 4 tbps. of oil and 1 cup of water in a nonstick pan, place the gyoza, and let it steam for 6 mins.  

So whenever you’re having a Japanese-themed party, don’t forget to whip up some tasty and authentic Japanese Gyoza with Andale! For the complete experience, go and pair it with bowls of their Tantanmen and Kinoko Sesame Ramen as well!  

Since you’ve reached this part, we’re pretty sure you’re itching to try our products. Go on and head to our shop page now! 

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